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The innovative BXpanded  Quick-On bucket hooks install literally in seconds. No welding, drilling, or tools are required. ABSOLUTELY NO MODIFICATIONS to the tractor or loader are required! These hooks give the capability of lifting bulky and heavy items with chains or straps. They can be used in multiples, can be positioned and re-positioned almost anywhere along the top of the bucket and do not interfere with normal Front End Loader operations. The hooks do not apply pressure to the relatively easy-to-bend top flange of the bucket. They do not obscure nor require removal or modification of the bucket level indicator.
You can haul your machine back and forth to a dealer or welding shop where they’ll grind the paint from the bucket, weld on a hook, maybe with a hunk of steel as a reinforcement, and then probably leave it to you to sand, clean then repaint the burned area. They’ll ask for a chunk of your hard earned cash for the favor. Even worse, you might have to leave the machine until they “get around to it”. If you need to relocate the hook or replace it with a different type, you’re outta’ luck! OR, you can snap on a BXpanded hook. Slip it into position, insert the special locking pin and push down to lock. Takes as long to say as it takes to do! Want to add an extra slip hook? No problem! Want a hook in the middle? OK! Want 4 grab hooks? Why not? And, ALL WITH NO TOOLS! NO WELDING, NO DRILLING, NO PAINTING, NO UGLY PATCHED UP PAINT!!! We think they look pretty cool too!
They work great with our Quick-On BXpanded pallet/brush forks too! Check ‘em out!
Craig K on 12/04/2015 07:11pm
I bought 2 of these hooks and love them! Easy to install and now no more wrapping straps and chains around the arms or bucket. I'm in Canada and the service was great! I'm buying more attachments for my BX in the spring!
Mike Cavaselis on 04/11/2015 07:34pm
Another home run, Had all 3 on with no tools in about the time it takes to smoke a cigarette! Heavy duty and fit tight. Next up is the light kit!
Dennis on 04/02/2015 09:33pm
These went on in less time than it is taking to write this review!
Bob on 02/04/2015 09:43am
Purchased a pair or 3/8" hooks for my BX1850. All of my chains are 5/16". The good people at BXPanded fixed my error. They made the exchange easy and the accounting was right on. Thank You. The hooks worked great right out of the box and make working with my tractor safer and faster. Recommended for the Pro and weekend gardener. A
Randy Hermann on 10/12/2014 09:28pm
Great addition to the BX! Withouth these, there is not a great place to connect chains. I've barely used them- pulled the boat hoist onto shore, hauled a pump around, downed a few trees. Quick and easy, the way it should have been from the factory.
Al on 09/15/2014 09:20pm
Bought a pair of these three years ago. Easy on and off in seconds and well-made. Highly recommended.
Tom J. on 05/05/2014 09:40pm
Got the hooks and still haven't figured out how to get them locked in place. Put a little more bend in them as Harry suggested and they still don't lock down. I have the small curl lip. They don't come off when in use but will slide back and forth if you pull on a load sideways. I use the heck out of them pulling downed trees so they are very useful. BXpanded said: Tom give us a call and we'll see if we can help.
Slomo928 on 03/30/2014 03:51pm
Bought chain hooks and pallet forks. Paid for themselves in one weekend moving a mountain of brush. Also picked a two person hot tub with the pallet forks. Was able to move it alone.
Paul Montpetit on 01/20/2014 02:20pm
I received your bucket hooks this week...didn't "slip" on...took a bit of convincing with a hammer to get them on...was a bit disappointed.....but they are on now.....hope to put them to work soon.... The hook mounting system needs to fit as closely as possible. We occasionally encounter variations in a particular bucket that makes the fit very tight. A phone call or email would have let us offer a solution or replacement. BXpanded
Dragoneggs on 07/09/2013 08:31pm
Hooks arrived today... snapped them on and off easily. Bought the 5/16in. Easy to hook a chain on now and quick and no holes or welding of bucket!
Marc on 10/14/2012 10:35pm
Love these. Hooked on in 30 seconds first time and have already used to pull out an old engine block. Well worth the money.
Orlando on 05/09/2012 03:32am
Initially had a hard time getting the clamps to slide over the lip. Called Harry and he suggested a little dish soap and it worked. Worth every penny. No more sliding chains wrapped around the bucket or stress damage risk. Very strong, Very well made and personal service was amazing. Worth every penny to me.
Jason on 04/07/2012 10:26pm
Very nicely made. Went on very easily. Bought the 5/16" vesion. HAvent put them to use yet but seem very stable.
Jim on 05/23/2011 10:58am
Got a pair of these hooks some months back. They are very well make. Worth the money. Thought I would only use them once in a while - I leave them on all of the time now. If you have a FEL on your BX (or B), this is one of the best and most useful add-ons you can buy. Get the 3/8 inch version. There is not enough space here to write about all of the uses for these hooks and a few good chains!

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